Namoi WasteCorp provides cutting edge services to the resource industry with major mining and coal seam gas clients in the Narrabri and Gunnedah area. We provide a wholistic service, we can handle ANY waste product within environmental and legislative guidelines.

Typical mining waste services include general industrial waste, timber and steel recycling, liquid waste storage and disposal such as drill cuttings, septic, coolant, oily water and waste oil to name a few. Namoi WasteCorp provides other services such as hydro excavation (non-destructive digging), delivery of potable water, dust suppression.

Namoi WasteCorp can assess your site and provide a Waste Management Solution including multiple recommendations for each waste stream with cost effectiveness and your specific environmental responsibilities considered.

Liquid Waste drill

Drill Fluids

Namoi WasteCorp specialises in the removal and transport of drill muds produced during drilling for farm bores, monitoring bores and resource exploration and extraction. Drill muds are transported to a licenced facility who treats the waste to create a usable, saleable end product.

Depending on the disposal facility, drill cuttings are often combined with other forms of waste to create a compost product or simply de-watered, through a process which ends up producing different sized aggregate materials suitable for use in construction and landscaping.

Namoi WasteCorp has a fleet of equipment perfect for efficient services for drill rigs such as delivery of water, removal of drilling waste, storage of water and liquid waste on-site.