Commercial 3m

Front-lift Industrial Bins

For a regular waste collection service, our two and three cubic metre Industrial bins are your best bet. These bins are manufactured in our workshop from locally sourced steel. They are fitted with light-weight lids and can be equipped with custom locks and steel castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability. We can schedule you in for a regular pickup OR you can just let us know when the bin is full.

Bulk Skip Bins

We have a range of skip bins at competitive prices. Sizes Range from -

  • 4 Cubic Metre
  • 6 Cubic Metre (pictured)
  • 10 Cubic Metre
  • 10 Cubic Metre Cardboard Cage
  • 15 Cubic Metre (Hook-Lift)

These Bins are perfect for building sites and for residents who want to clean up around their yard and home.

Bigger bin skip - Copy
vac truck

Vacuum Trucks

Namoi WasteCorp has a number of 11,000L vac trucks that can be utilised for a number of services. They are great for liquid waste removal and transport, emergency spill clean-ups, hydro excavation, unblocking drains, industrial cleaning, even retrieving cable through conduit. The only limit is your imagination.

The trucks are equipped with pressure washers with up to 3,000 psi of force which can be adjusted to lower settings when exposing live electrical lines etc.

Vacuum Tankers

We have a variety of vac tankers for different services. These tankers Are just as versatile as the vac trucks but in bulk. Perfect for transferring bulk amounts of fluids on site. We often perform a ‘milk run’ picking up a certain type of liquid waste e.g. coolant from various customers, minimising costs for transport to disposal facility. We have tankers suitable for fluids liquid waste such as brine water and oily water, as well as other types of tankers more suitable for liquid waste with a solid component such as drill mud and wash bay sludge.

tipper tipping
Big Pallets

Bulky Transport

Namoi WasteCorp has options for cumbersome waste product and general freight as well. Pictured, is our 14m flat bed semi trailer often used to transport bulk timber and scrap steel. We also have a 7m flat top truck with a hiab that is used for the same sort of jobs, with the benefit of the crane to load heavy items in isolated locations.

Water Carting

We have several bulk water tankers for carting water, potable water and performing dust suppression on unsealed roads and constructions sites. Namoi WasteCorp is Licence to deliver potable water and we often do so, delivering water to isolated job sites and to farms across the region, when the tanks are going dry.

909 Train - Copy

Waste Segregation

If on-site segregation is not an option, we can segregate recyclables from general waste for you. We are able to perform this process at a cost similar to that of sending the waste straight to the tip. Namoi WasteCorp can maximise your sites waste-recycling with monthly reporting on quantities recycled.